Cello Melamine

Cello Melamine ware offers Quality & professional tableware for Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Services. Cello Melamineware is 100% organic and is made in India from Food Grade premium raw materials. Apart from household products & items, they have introduced a HORECA Series; which is a high quality melamine range. Cello offers Trendy Designs, stain resistance, low maintenance, easy cleaning, impact resistance and temperature resistance. Melamine is widely used by fast foods joints, caterers, restaurants & is widely accepted by most households across India.

2 thoughts on “Cello Melamine

  1. Sagar Al Kamiab UAE

    I am in UAE, i want to buy melamine tableware for our business. I want to buy regularly & i will buy good quantity. i have sent email to you, please send me reply.

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